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Contributing to whyqd

We'd love you to support whyqd!


Questions, feature requests and bug reports are all welcome as discussions or issues.

Please include as much context as possible with your requests so others can replicate your problem, including any dependencies or data sources.

To report a security vulnerability, please contact us so that we can get a fix out as quickly as possible.

Pull requests

Before making a pull request, please create an issue to discuss your proposed change.

There are a range of opportunities for getting into contributing, including:

  • Expanding the documentation,
  • Adding in additional 'action' scripts,
  • Refactoring or optimising the code.

Please ensure you run tests locally. whyqd tests don't require a database and have few dependencies, so running them doesn't take long and should be straightforward.

If you add in new features, please also add in tests and documentation.


Keep focused. whyqd is a curatorial toolkit intended to produce well-structured and predictable data for research analysis. It is not an analytical tool. Features related to data aggregation or analysis will not be considered.

Financial support

whyqd received initial funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 101017536. Technical development support is from EOSC Future through the RDA Open Call mechanism, based on evaluations of external, independent experts.

If you want to support us financially to ensure this project's continuity and development, please contact us.