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Bases: BaseSchemaAction

Collate a list of source fields into an array of corresponding values in a destination field.

Script template

"COLLATE > 'destination_field' < ['source_field', 'source_field', etc.]"

Where the order of collation is important and is used to create an array (list) of values from corresponding sources. Any missing values will be included as None.

This can be used as part of a process which will permit multiple corresponding columns (e.g. a date, description, value sequence) to each be placed in an array, and then pivoted using df.explode.


"COLLATE > 'laReliefExemptionAmount' < ['Mandatory Relief Amount', 'Discretionary Relief Amount', 'Additional Relief Amount', 'Small Business Rate Relief Amount']"
This could be sequenced with:
"CATEGORISE > 'laReliefExemptionType'::'mandatory' < 'Mandatory Relief Code'::['COMMUNITY AMATEUR SPORTS CLUB RELIEFM','MANDATORY 80%']"
"CATEGORISE > 'laReliefExemptionType'::'discretionary' < 'Discretionary Relief Code'::['20%']"
"CATEGORISE > 'laReliefExemptionType'::'retail' < 'Additional Relief Code'::['RETAIL SCHEME']"
"CATEGORISE > 'laReliefExemptionType'::'small_business' < 'Small Business Rate Relief'::['yes']"
This creates two arrays, each with four elements, and permits the following pandas transform:
df = df.explode(["laReliefExemptionType","laReliefExemptionAmount"])

validate(*, destination, source)

Validate that script source structure conforms to the ACTION structure.