Dependencies, installation & importing

whyqd can be integrated into an existing data importer, or you could use it as part of your data analysis and exploration in Jupyter Notebooks. Tables can be printed as reStructuredText or as Pandas dataframes.


whyqd has a relatively short list of requirements (excl. dependencies):

  • Python 3.8+
  • Pandas 1.0+
  • Numpy 1.2+
  • OpenPyxl 3.0+
  • XLRD 1.2+


Install with pip:

pip install whyqd

Then import:

import whyqd

Your next steps are to build a target Schema to describe the data structure, and then import that into a Method.

API changes

Version 0.5.0 introduced a new, simplified, API, along with script-based transformation actions. You can import and transform any saved method.json files with:

SCHEMA = whyqd.Schema(source=SCHEMA_SOURCE)
schema_scripts = whyqd.parsers.LegacyScript().parse_legacy_method(
                        version="1", schema=SCHEMA, source_path=METHOD_SOURCE_V1

Where SCHEMA_SOURCE is a path to your schema. Existing schema.json files should still work.