Background and Contributing

whyqd is open-source and we welcome your support. This is very early in the release process, so please have a look at the Roadmap, or simply let me know what you think, what works, what doesn’t.


whyqd was created to serve a continuous data wrangling process, including collaboration on more complex messy sources, ensuring the integrity of the source data, and producing a complete audit trail from data imported to our database, back to source. You can see the product of that at

All the code (so far) has been written by Gavin Chait with references in the code to snippets from elsewhere.

In 2021, whyqd received financial support from the Mayor’s Resilience Fund, the Mayor of London’s £1 million challenge fund to incentivize innovators to address socially impactful issues facing London.

The ‘backronym’ for whyqd /wɪkɪd/ is Whythawk Quantitative Data, Whythawk is an open data science and open research technical consultancy.