Distribution & Citation of methods and data

whyqd is designed for sharing. Simply zip up the various data files, your method JSON and upload to your favourite data repository.

You can get a citation for reference (and more on how to prepare the citation at Method):


A citation is a special set of fields, with:

  • authors: a list of author names in the format, and order, you wish to reference them
  • title: a text field for the full study title
  • repository: the organisation, or distributor, responsible for hosting your data (and your method file)
  • doi: the persistent DOI for your repository
  • hash: BLAKE2b has of output data
  • input data: a list of input data by original source, and the source hash

Those of you familiar with Dataverse’s universal numerical fingerprint may be wondering where it is? whyqd, similarly, produces a unique hash for each datasource, including inputs, working data, and outputs. Ours is based on BLAKE2b and is sufficiently universally available as to ensure you can run this as required.

Anyone with a copy of the method and input data can automatically rerun the entire method file to produce a “new” version of the output data and so confirm more directly the validity of the data.